FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I have a business that requires a very sophisticated, customized website. Can you help me?

Yes, absolutely. Digisolution specializes in ecommerce website design. If you have a unique business, we will be pleased to discuss your specific needs and provide you the solution what work best for you.

Do you use templates to design my website?

We have a variety of templates for different occasions and types of business from which to choose. However, our customers are unique and also their needs. Our experts will work with you in a graphical design and web development with the features you need to get your desired customers and achieve your online success.

How much do your web consultant service cost?

Our prices are reasonable, but the cost of our web consultant service depends on the type of design or project you want. We can work together to get a plan according to your budget, expectations, and needs.

What happens if I’m not sure exactly what I want?

That’s what we are here for! We have a work team that understands the market, and above all know our clients are trying to reach, so you can take advice from us to determine your marketing goals and needs.

What kind of customer support do you offer?

Besides web services and personal attention, we can assist you to manage your WordPress page or Magento store with no additional cost. We introduce you to functionalities, applications, tools or any other unique feature related to your website.

What kind of marketing service do you recommend?

Digisolution marketing services include a broad range of methods, strategies, and techniques to promote your business. We don’t “recommend” any service in a specific way, but after an evaluation of your organization, we can suggest the best marketing plan for you depending on your goals, your type of business and promotion needs.

Why do I need to choose Digisolution as my website maintenance provider? Can I do this by myself?

Even though you have full control of the processes of your website, it is possible that you are missing out on an excellent opportunity to get the most out of it in the long term. Our quality services can update the content of your website as per your needs, create new pages, edit the existing pages, add or change new images, and manage your web promotion requirements. We can help you improve graphics and tools for superior speed and performance. Our web consultant team can help you to analyze traffic and site performance periodically, which can further boost your sales.

How do you handle website design projects?

We treat our customers with all the exclusivity they deserve. Every project is discussed and planned amongst our web development and graphic design creative work team. Then we show and submit the whole concept with a concrete proposal to our clients looking for approval. They can add or correct any subject, and we’ll work with them throughout the process. We will make all necessary tests and adjustments until to achieve a satisfying result to satisfy all their requirements and expectations.

I want to use social networking for my business, how can I do it?

We can help you build a good online presence through social networks. Digisolution offers its social media services with a professional team that helps you creating social media accounts and profiles; generating relevant, specific content for different sites and blog; creation of blog and maintenance; managing all the related services and strategies you need to attract and engage more customers.