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Impact, excite and seduce your old and new customers; increase visibility and improve your positioning in search engines through Corporate or Promotional Videos.
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Video production services digisolution

WHAT is Video Production?

Video production is the process of converting an idea into a video. It involves the following sub-processes: creating a concept, which usually entails storyboarding writing the script and dialogue.

The video is an attractive format, more personal than the text of a website, closer to the public and much easier to share and viralize.

Video production services digisolution
Video production services digisolution

Multimedia content is still the most effective way to introduce a company and explain simply what sets you apart from your competitors.

  • 70% of users prefer audiovisual content because they are much more entertaining than written text
Video production services digisolution
Video production services digisolution

40% of global traffic comes from a video, and many users search information through audiovisual formats.

85% of the users who visualize a video end up purchasing or hiring the products or services shown since they can appreciate them in real, detailed form.

Video production services digisolution
Video production services digisolution
  • Many search engines add value to those websites that contain videos. That increases by 50% the chances of appearing in the first places.
  • The communication in images is highly powerful and effective to transmit ideas and emotions. There are two kinds of videos that small business can use according to the needs or goals they could have at a given time.

Types of Videos

  • Presentation to new products / services
  • Tutorials
  • Catalogs
  • Completed projects; Storytelling
  • Advertising Videos
  • Testimonials, Opinions or Advice
  • Training or informative

WHEN to use Video Production?

Specialized sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and other services oriented to the exhibition and promotion of videos on the internet, allow you to host your videos and then link them from any other online medium. That represents a broad range of open, within reach possibilities of any company to publicize their activities.

Most more-followed social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram or Pinterest, allow the insertion of links to show a preview and view of the video, with the possibility of sharing it with others users.

Different Videos for Business

Corporate, Institutional or Industrial Videos Promotional Videos
Its purpose is to show the corporate philosophy of a company, highlighting the capacity and the larger positive values. This videos can be used to: Advertising videos with specific marketing objectives and among other functions serve to:
Publicize and share the activity, goals, values (vision, mission) and strengths of the company. Project a clearer idea of the brand with an image that conveys confidence to customers.
Perform training, didactic or motivational actions within a work team. Highlight a product or service features and generate a competitive advantage.
Presentation of workers, as well as the functioning, personality, tools, and facilities of the workplace. Accomplish internal and external advertising and marketing strategies.
Internal and external marketing campaigns. Launch a new product or promoting an existing one to current or potential customers.
Corporate Image Reinforcement. Dissemination through online platforms (websites, blogs, social networks) and traditional media such as television or movies.
Diffusion, through corporate presentations, events, congresses, websites, and training. Create relevance and interest through content.

WHO mainly can benefit from Video production?

A video means a dynamic and efficient form of communication that benefits both small business and customers. It is proven that companies that usually have a corporate video get more business opportunities.
Through a video you can inform users about what your company does while also retaining your existing customers, keeping them updated about the products and services you offer.

Video production services digisolution

Note that:

  • An attractive video catches viewer’s attention, increases the visits to your website and therefore, the time they stay in it.
  • You can position a video in Google with the right keywords; displayed time lasts long enough to avoid bounce rates, improving the SEO of your page.
  • You can use it as a differentiating element from your competitors on your website or include it in presentations, conferences or meetings. By adding a direct link in your email campaigns, your customers will be able to find it without having to search for it on Google.
  • The videos are an excellent resource to spread through websites, email marketing campaigns and social networks which generate visits and virality.

HOW does it work and how can I get a Video for my business?

At Digisolution we strive for every project however small and use the most advanced technology to offer you the type of video and format that best suits your brand and company needs.

Audiovisual production takes place in three phases:
Planning (pre-production)
Execution (production)
Editing (post-production)
We dedicate the necessary time to each stage to conceptualize and develop the idea and the text. The script contains the fundamental aspect of your video: the message and this is how you can create a link that can impact, excite and seduce your old and new customers.

As communication and marketing professionals Digisolution will use all content strategies to increase the visualizations of your page, time spent, and to improve your positioning in search engines.