Website analysis
Web analysis is a complete check of your site, made by an optimization team, in which we will find all possible details that hold you back, from having all your sell potential, in the search engines.
High-quality website services, which will make your website stand out from your competitors.
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Web Development
If the graphic design defines the appearance (logo, colors, aesthetic visual) of a web page, the development Web occupies the functionalities. The development involves the creation and programming of them features of services contained in the page such as applications, managers of trade electronic, and of content, records, etc. allowing the interaction of the site with them users.
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Reach top position in search engines by Increasing visibility and traffic to sell more.
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SEM – Search Engine Marketing
It is also known as Pay Per Click (PPC). Because one of Google's requirements to grow organically through SEO is to pay for Google AdWords, we will run ad campaigns specifically designed to attract customers who search or attract the type of service.
What is defined as Marketing is a set of activities that includes techniques, methods and strategies to analyze the market, consumers and, from them, make a significant commercial impact for sales. To difference of the system of sale, that is based in the goals of the seller, the process of the marketing is focused on in them needs of the buyer, looking for detect and meet the needs of them customers with products and services of value for them.
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Graphic Design
We can design anything you need. Whether you need a simple business card designed or to highly complex, color catalog, we have the software, skills and creativity to get any size project, completed at a very high-quality and fast. All our projects are based on the fundamentals of quality design, which is the one thing that hasn't changed through the advancement of technology.
Video production is the process of converting an idea into a video. It involves the following sub processes: creating a concept, which usually entails storyboarding writing the script and dialogue.
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